Most extreme driving offenders in Britain exposed

The IAM exposes the worst collectors of penalty points with some of them sill allowed to continue driving by the courts.

The UK’s Institute of Advanced Motorists (IAM) has used a Freedom of Information request on the DVLA to understand the distribution of penalty points within the country and the worst offenders and uncovered some shocking revelations.

It found that the worst offender in the country was from Oxford and has 51 penalty points with a further 12 people having more than 28 penalty points on their licences. Overall, the number of those with more than 12 points on their licences has gone up in the last 7 months by 9% to over 7500 people.

Although it isn’t known how many of these people were disqualified, the IAM did discover that four out of the top five worst offenders were not disqualified and are therefore still on the road.

These people include the the holder of 51 points from Oxford, who holds a provisional licence and has accumulated three speeding offences in 30mph zones amongst other offences. Speeding was a common factor in all of the top offenders with one having a record of topping 109mph but is still driving.

The reasons why drivers are generally not disqualified comes down to court decisions, often with expected hardship through loss of employment being taken into account with the DVLA telling the IAM, “In the majority of these cases, magistrates may have decided to allow drivers to retain their entitlement to drive where it is considered that disqualification would cause exceptional hardship.” The organisation went on to say that 90% of those who are not disqualified were spared from having their licences taken away due to judicial discretion.

Commenting on the court process and the use of judicial discretion, the IAM’s CEO, Sarah Sillars told us, “This can lead to inconsistency in how the law is applied which risks devaluing the simple ‘12 points and you’re out’ road safety message. If the public sees that persistent offenders are getting away with it, they may believe that road traffic rules are ineffective or unimportant.”

Of the 45 million people in Britain that hold licences, 3 million have penalty points. Around 100 thousand people have received disqualifications during the last four years for accumulating 12 points.

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