New range of winter and all-season tyres with increased cold weather grip

Finnish tyre manufacturer releases its new range of tyres designed for autumn and winter use included newly designed studded tyres.

Studded winter tyre from Nokian

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As the autumn season approaches and drivers in Scandinavian countries and the CIS start to think about changing over from summer to winter tyres, Nokian has released new rubber for use in extreme temperatures and conditions.

Nokian is celebrating the 80th anniversary of the production of its first winter tyres which rolled off its production facility in Finland in 1934. Since then, the company has been consistently supplying tyres suited to extreme conditions to the driving public of the Nordic countries, Russia and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS).

The company’s design concept is to continuously improve the safety and comfort of drivers who are driving in less than ideal conditions. To this end, the company has released tyres that have consistently won car magazine awards in Scandinavia and Russia. The latest tyre products for this autumn and winter season are a range of studded and studless friction grip tyres for passenger cars and 4×4 (SUV) vehicles.

Studded tyres for maximum grip on icy and snow-covered roads

The Nokian Hakkapeliitta studded 8 tyre is available for passenger cars and 4x4s and brings levels of traction on snow and ice to new levels. The design and technology of the stud has been optimized to provide the maximum amount of grip without producing the excessive levels of noise normally associated with studded tyres.

With 50% more stud pins than its predecessors, the version 8 tyre nonetheless meets strict environmental requiremens and reduces fuel consumption when compared to older studded tyres. Available in 67 variants in sizes from 13″ to 20″, the tyre’s “eco stud” concept results in superior grip during braking and acceleration with improved wear resistance and ride comfort.

In March last year, Nokian Tyres’ test driver, Janne Laitinen, achieved a world record ice driving speed of 335.713 kph (208.602 mph) on Studded 8 tyres.

For the SUV (4×4) market, the studded 8 tyres have high structural integrity for balanced longitudinal and lateral grip on ice to provide stable vehicle performance in unexpected situations. Aramid fibre compounds are also used in the 4×4 tyre construction for optimum durability.

Studless tyres for safe cold-weather performance

Ideal for the environmentally conscious motorist, the studless friction winter tyres from Nokian has very low rolling resistance thus reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

For improved grip on winter road surfaces without resorting to studs, the friction tyres from Nokian now benefit from a new compound which includes the “Cryo Crystal” concept, a multi-faceted crystal additive which increase grip properties of the tyre and remain active as the tyre wears down to the safe winter minimum tread depth of 4mm.

The studless friction R2 tyre from Nokian is also available with different compounds and construction technology to meet the highly demanding 4×4 market to provide 4×4 drivers in northern countries with increased safety and comfort.

Additional features available

Nokian have designed a low tread warning notification system in their tyres in the form of a snowflake symbol. Once the tyres have reached the safe 4mm tread depth limit, the snowflake ID symbol is scrubbed off, an indication that the tyre is due to be replaced.

All Nokian winter tyres come with a one-year warranty under the terms of which the tyre will be replaced if roadside assistance is required or if it is accidentally damaged provided that the tyre has been subjected to normal usage conditions and the tread has not scrubbed off to below the recommended limit of 4mm.

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