New version of open platform VMS available

More flexibility in traffic management and surveillance system expansion and deployment with the latest release of the XProtect 2016 video management system.

IP video camerasMilestone Systems has released XProtect 2016, the latest version of the company’s open platform video management software (VMS) with simplified licence handling, a focus on further integration options and fast system deployment.

In response to the company’s extensive community of partners, the VMS supplier has committed to faster turnaround of product releases with bi-monthly device pack releases being scheduled to support further third part cameras for connection into the video management package. This brings down the overall lead times in which installers can react to market demands.

Such a move is an important step for Milestone, which has a good relationship with its open platform development partners and enables the product to further enjoy widespread usage and applications in many diverse industries, including traffic management and automatic enforcement systems using a wide range of third party cameras, analytics and ANPR software packages.

Included within the latest update are hardware decoding for use with the latest 4K camera technology for video rendering performance improvements, extended system monitor for real-time system status overview and new features to improve ease of device moves between servers and system expansion.

XProtect 2016 also includes optimised incident handling in the form of rich smart wall content including alarms, images, bookmarks and maps to improve incident response time and operational focus. The latest version of XProtect introduces Push Notification for notifying remote users of an alarm condition.

Open platform for expansion

Because the Milestone VMS is based on open platform architecture with a focus on distributed systems, the capacity of a Milestone-based video system can be extended to cover thousands of cameras. Milestone Interconnect enables XProtect systems and Milestone Husky network video recorders to be networked to form robust and reliable infrastructures. The user is able to start with a small stand-alone system and expand capacities as needed.

Milestone is also introducing an open ONVIF interface to access cameras and recordings in XProtect VMS and Milestone Husky systems. ONVIF Bridge makes an XProtect system look like a collection of ONVIF cameras to another VMS. This gives seamless private-to-public video integration, simplifying large-scale, multi-vendor security deployments. The ONVIF Bridge gives a standardised interface for alarm centres and monitoring stations for a unified operator experience across systems. This is another confirmation of the power of true open platform technology.

ONVIF is the Open Network Video Interface Forum, an open standard for IP video integration.

Increased user control

The need for operators to assess and respond to incidents quickly is the reason behind the design for the next generation of Milestone XProtect clients and Smart Wall. The aim is to provide better operational focus with the ability to show information augmenting the video and to give more control functions and flexible display.

To this end, the XProtect Smart Wall 2016 client shows multiple video feeds, interactive maps, alarms and text messages for vastly improved situational awareness and the XProtect Web Client has been updated to do investigations and export multiple camera recordings allowing access to the VMS from any supported browser.

Commenting on the latest release of the XProtect platform, Milestone’s VP of Corporate Products, Bjørn Eilertsen said, “We have strengthened our open platform technology with features like the ONVIF Bridge and two-way push in mobile clients. We are really excited to put even more focus on our open platform development partners, as we transition our product development to a partner and market-driven process.”

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