Oklahoma to use LPR for mainline weight enforcement

Goods vehicles on the I-35 highway through Oklahoma will be subject to weight compliance enforcement on the move using weigh-in-motion and LPR technology.

Perceptics ANPR enforcement cameraCurrent enforcement of goods vehicle weight on main highways in Oklahoma depend on stopping samples of vehicles and measuring their weight and comparing it to information on the vehicle’s licence plate including the US DoT number issued to commercial vehicles.

The state is now improving this system to enable greater enforcement coverage and therefore greater compliance to weight, licensing and taxation regulations. The new system relies on the use of weigh-in-motion (WIM) systems which enables vehicle weights to be captured on slip-roads (ramps) leading onto the highway or on the main carriageway itself whilst the vehicle is still in motion. This prevents the need to stop vehicles and direct them to a weighing station which is a time-consuming process both for enforcement officials and for the haulage operator.

For WIM stations to be effective, accurate licence plate information needs to be captured and recognised to be able to match it to the vehicle being weighed and Oklahoma has achieved this by using LPR technology from Perceptics installed on cameras trained on passing vehicles. The LPR system reads the registration number as well as other information stored on the number plate including the vital US DoT number.

The US DoT number is issued to commercial vehicles by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) and uniquely identifies the vehicle, the haulier and the safety permit needed for the carriage of dangerous goods. The format of printing the DoT number is variable with no fixed standard so reading this number is a significant challenge but the Perceptics LPR (also known as Automatic Number Plate Recognition or ANPR) system is designed to cope with this variability as well as variations in fonts, formats and background images on US licence plates. Perceptics have perfected the recognition of such information to an accuracy of around 85%.

With such accuracy available to Oklahoma officials, the state is now able to perform more HGV weight audits and can move such processes off the slip-roads (ramps) to the main carriageway resulting in improved enforcement and safer roads.

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