On-Board computer links digital tachograph to fleet management

A new in-vehicle computer system provides digital tachograph data import and management as part of fleet management suite of functions.

TX-GO digital tachograph interface for fleet managementThe TX-GO on-board computer has been developed by Transics provides fleet managers with a range of functions including vehicle location information driver performance monitoring and digital tachograph information management without interaction with the driver.

The black box system mounts in the vehicle and has no display and no need for interaction with the driver of the goods vehicle. The TX-GO is linked to the digital tachograph and provides fleet management personnel with information concerning the activity status of the tachograph as well as driving times and driver rest periods to ensure and enforce compliance to driver’s hours regulations. The driver’s card can also be downloaded from the digital tachograph memory.

The system integrates seamlessly with the TX-CONNECT back office fleet management system enabling dispatch personnel to use the information for load and transport planning and optimize the use of drivers and vehicles.

TX-GO is also designed to connect with on-board diagnostics to perform driver monitoring functions as a means of improving safety and the economic use of the vehicle by analysing such parameters as idle time, speed events, the use of Power Takeoff equipment and other functions in order for fleet managers to make an assessment of driver behaviour and take action to inform and train drivers to attain the highest efficiency and safety for the fleet.

Commenting on the launch of TX-GO, the CEO of Transics, Walter Mastelinck said that by integrating the TX-GO vehicle system with the TX-CONNECT fleet management system, the company has been able to enhance the ability for fleet managers to improve productivity and service as well as contributing to the improvement of road safety.

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