Parking detection added to traffic management system

TrafficWare extends use of vehicle to infrastructure communication capability with car park vacancy detection in version 2.6.

Six months after delivering a commercially viable Connected Vehicle ATMS module for 2017 model year vehicles, Trafficware has added more functions to its Central Management System at version 2.6 including a new subscription-based parking detection module, becoming the only traffic management system with this capability.

Across the USA, transport authorities are looking to better utilise their valuable parking real estate and automate what has previously been a tedious manual job. In fact, the parking public are coming to expect such services, appreciating the convenience and time savings, avoiding circling a lot looking for open spaces. The new parking detection module, using Trafficware’s patented wireless pod detection system, allows transport agencies to aggregate this vehicle detection data into their central traffic management command centre.

“Trafficware distinguishes itself by delivering consistently paced and relevant innovation. We take pride in having the central traffic management technology to be the central hub of advanced capabilities,” Trafficware CEO Jon Newhard explains.

“Since communities are quickly moving to deploy Smart Cities technology, requiring a vast assortment of capabilities like adaptive signal technology, high-resolution data or connected vehicle intersections, we want Trafficware to be the obvious choice for agencies because of our rich functionality and central integration as can be seen by additional capabilities in the cloud.”

Hundreds of transport authorities rely on Trafficware’s system to support their communities’ complex transport networks, cities like Houston, Las Vegas, Orlando, New Orleans and Palo Alto. Trafficware has more than 250 major installations with equipment deployed at more than 20,000 intersections globally. These customers count on Trafficware to keep them up-to-date on technical advancements and make use of their current investments.

Since Trafficware released its Connected Vehicle module in version 2.5 in July, the company has deployed more than 1,000 intersections and has seen major automotive companies introduce 2017 models with vehicle to infrastructure connectivity. The Palo Alto system in Silicon Valley went live in May and was selected as a finalist for the Best in ITS Awards.”

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