Police in Denmark using roadside tachograph inspection equipment

Danish traffic police are now using the Octet digital tachograph inspection equipment to enforce commercial vehicle driver’s hours regulations.

Supplied by Transics, the equipment is already in use in the neighbouring Scandinavian countries of Sweden and Norway. Danish police chose to use the Octet system after conducting trials. The police force had previously been using other digital tachograph inspection equipment since 2011 but it didn’t have the advantage of being able to be used at the roadside.

The Octet equipment can handle large quantities of data and produces clear reports and charts for police officers and fleet managers to analyze. It is also flexible, enabling adjustments to be made to suit different enforcement policies in different countries. In Denmark, the police allow a 5 minute or 5% margin of error on drivers’ hours and will give the driver the benefit of the doubt in marginal cases.

Octet from Transics is both an enforcement and a fleet management tool which is used by police forces as well as fleet managers to ensure that drivers are working within the drivers’ hours regulations and taking sufficient breaks during their working day.

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