Prestigious sports venue gains protection from hostile vehicle incursion

Hostile vehicle mitigation blocks from a UK manufacturer have been installed at the King Abdullah Sports City in Saudi Arabia as an anti-terrorism measure.

Townscape Hostile Vehicle Mitigation blocks protect the King Abdullah Sports CityCosting an estimated half a billion dollars, the 60,000 seat sports stadium located some 60km from the Red Sea coastal city of Jeddah in Saudi Arabia has been built to accommodate multiple professional sports competitions along with hotels and medical facilities. The major construction project includes state of the art security measures to prevent the facility from being hit by terrorist attacks.

As part of the security requirements for the building, the use of counter terror blocks which meet the PAS 68 standard for mitigating vehicle borne attacks was specified and prime building contractor, MSIX, turned to UK-based Townscape Products to supply the right standard Hostile Vehicle Mitigation (HVM) blocks.

Townscape manufacture and supply a range of bollards, barriers and planters to meet hardened street furniture requirements and have supplied anti-terrorism solutions to high profile UK installations. Normally cast from special aggregate materials at Townscape’s UK factory, the 2.2 tonne CT Blocks for the King Abdullah Sports City were made in Saudi Arabia under licence.

In order to ensure the full protection of the facility from any vehicular threat, 600 blocks were installed with a low 100mm profile foundation which suited the ground condition around the sports facility.

Commenting on the installation of counter terror blocks at the stadium, Townscape’s Jonathan Goss said that the owners had specified the highest level of perimeter security and his company is honoured to have been recognised on an international level and given the task of securing the King Abdullah Sports City against hostile vehicles.

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