Red light enforcement to protect busy Dubai intersection

Mesta Fusion radars are being supplied by Morpho to Dubai police to improve safety through red light enforcement at one of the city’s busiest junctions.

French security company, Morpho has been selected to supply, install and maintain Mesta Fusion radars for red light enforcement at one of the largest traffic junctions in Dubai, UAE.

Dubai’s traffic department is taking the measure as part of plans to significantly improve safety for drivers using intersection which handles up to seven lanes of traffic.

Commenting on the Mesta Fusion system’s flexibility for use on the junction, Traffic of Dubai’s director, Colonel Saif Almazrouei said, “In addition to speed and red-light detection, Mesta Fusion provides other advanced enforcement functions that meet Dubai Police road safety needs such as illegal trajectory, focusing on dangerous driver behaviour on the intersection”

Tests were conducted on the system during the high temperatures of the summer in 2015, as a result of which, the systems were hardened against harsh environments and redesigned with the cooperation of the Dubai traffic authorities. The Mesta Fusion system will now be integrated into the city’s Urban transport management system and is due for delivery within the next few weeks.

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