Report examines market for active automotive safety systems

Tyre pressure monitoring and lane departure warning systems fall under the spotlight in a new market research report focusing on active automotive safety systems.

Occupying part of the vast spectrum of Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) which are enjoying a period of boom as more automotive manufacturers are making the technology more widely available, the markets for Tyre Pressure Monitoring Systems (TPMS) and Lane Departure Warning Systems (LDWS) are very much part of this boom and are examined in a new report released by Research and Markets.

The report into global markets for TPMS and LDWS from 2014 to 2019 examines the trends in the use of these technologies for private passenger cars globally split by region. According to the report, Tyre Pressure Monitoring is expected to grow at a healthy rate of 16.3% annually to reach 5.6 billion dollars by 2019 and Lane Departure Warning Systems are forecast to grow at an even healthier 20.2% to reach 8.4 billion dollars within the next five years.

Overall, the trend for increased ADAS adoption in the automotive industry is based on increased consumer awareness of vehicle safety technology and the work done by the New Car Assessment Programmes such as Euro NCAP in constantly raising the standards required by vehicles to achieve the coveted 5-star ratings. Recently, the global NCAP organisations including Euro NCAP, ANCAP and others, have been insisting on the inclusion of advanced active safety systems such as Electronic Stability Control. It is likely that the future will see other ADAS technologies being included as compulsory requirements for achieving 5-star ratings, most notably Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB).

As a result, safety is becoming one of the key differentiators that are attracting new car buyers. Another driver is the drift towards autonomous vehicles (or driverless cars) which depend on active safety systems (including Lane Departure Warning) for their future success.

Geographically, there are large differences. Both TPMS and LDWS are established within the European and North American markets with the most significant future growth being in the developing markets of South America, China and the Far Eastern market areas.

The report can be purchased directly from Research and Markets here: “Global Automotive TPMS and LDWS market research report”

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