Report highlights the way ANPR is being used in Europe

ANPR adoption in Europe examines the major companies that are using Automatic Number Plate Recognition technology and for what purposes.

A report has been published based on a survey undertaken by TechNavio on the deployment of Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) systems in the EU. ANPR (Also known as LPR or License Plate Recognition in other markets) has applications beyond traffic enforcement systems and the new report examines the ways in which the technology is being deployed commercially.

The survey targeted companies which had made substantial investments in the technology and were actively using ANPR as part of their businesses.

Based on the survey results, the report reveals insight into the problems associated with choosing the right vendor, which operational areas benefit from ANPR and what the future market outlook is perceived to be across the continent.

Other information available in the report includes market drivers, dominant industrial sectors, a review of vendors in the ANPR market and future opportunities presented by the use of such technology.

The report can be purchased directly from Research and Markets by following this link: “ANPR Adoption in Europe 2012 – Survey Report

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