Road deaths fall in Republic of Ireland

Deaths on Ireland’s roads have fallen to the lowest since 2012 with a record low forecast for 2015.

Road fatalities in IrelandA report issued by the Road Safety Authority (RSA) and the Garda (the Irish police service) has released preliminary figures for fatalities on the roads in the Republic for the current year.

With a 19% reduction in deaths on its roads and a 36% fall in passenger fatalities, the figures are showing very positive signs and could fall below the all-time low of 162 deaths recorded in 2012, despite three further fatalities that occurred after the preliminary figures were released.

Ireland has focused on targeting the main causes of serious collisions on its roads and have seen reductions in speeding, driving whilst impaired through drink or drugs, failing to wear seatbelts and distracted driving, particularly through the use of handheld telephones.

According to the Ireland division of the Freight Transport Association (FTA), this news from RSA and the Garda shows that safety measures put in place in the Republic are having a positive effect.

According to Neil McDonnell of the FTA, such figures are particularly impressive when the large increase in traffic which has occurred in Ireland during the last 3 years is taken into account. “Since the last low figures of 2012, more people are working and more are driving to work so the FTA is very thankful to the RSA and An Garda Síochána for delivering the Road Safety Strategy,” he said.

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