Road safety training for Japanese pre-school children

Toyota is taking its road safety education programme to pre-school education centres in Japan this summer for the 42nd year.

Toyota road safety practical class for childrenThe Toyota Safety School, a programme to teach traffic safety to nursery school children, will be held between May 18 and July 14 at the Toyota Kaikan Exhibition Hall in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, Japan.

Since 1975, Toyota has held the annual Toyota Safety School event to teach fundamental traffic rules, such as proper pedestrian crossing etiquette, to preschool children. This year will be Toyota’s 42nd year holding the event.

The programme employs an enjoyable traffic safety performance, quizzes and other events to teach children about traffic rules. The children also watch a video that encourages them to think about possible dangers in the traffic environment around them.

Since its inception, the programme has been conducted at 3572 nursery schools and it has been attended by 255,811 pre-school children, becoming an intrinsic community activity for traffic safety education in many areas.

President Akio Toyoda said, “In the mid-seventies, accidents involving young children were on the rise. Toyota created this programme based on the belief that preventing such accidents is one of the social responsibilities of an automotive manufacturer. The programme has been continued as an important activity for more than 40 years. Next spring, a new generation of first-year elementary school children will begin walking to school on their own. It is our hope that all of those children will be able to walk on the streets safely and make their way to and from school full of energy. We remain committed to helping to build prosperous communities through social contribution programmes so that we are welcomed as a good neighbour and a contributing member of society that meets the needs of local residents.”

Toyota believes that creating a society free of traffic casualties requires an integrated approach encompassing the development of ever-safer cars and technology, improvement of the traffic environment and traffic safety education. For this reason, commitment to traffic safety has been re-affirmed year after year as a top priority and this traffic safety school is one of many efforts toward that end.

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