Russia signs agreement on interoperability of ERA-GLONASS with eCall

As part of a commercialisation initiative for the ERA-GLONASS platform, Russia signs cooperation agreement for eCall interoperability and priority export markets.

GLONASS Union President, Alexander Gurko, has met with the Russian Minister for Economic Development, Alexey Ulyukaev at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) to agree on developing economic trade on the basis of the GLONASS platform.

As a result of the agreement signed by the Alexander Gurko and the minister, the two organizations will collaborate on the use of GLONASS navigation technology and the ERA-GLONASS platform for automatic emergency calls to advance domestic commercial systems. Part of this agreements is to ensure the interoperability of ERA-GLONASS with the analogous pan-European eCall system being simultaneously developed in the EU.

The priority for the alliance will be to bring domestic technology to regions of the Eurasian Economic Community of the former Soviet territory as well as Brazil, India, Latin America, Southeast Asia and other strategic markets.

Commenting on the agreement reached with the Minister for Economic Development, Alexander Gurko stated that it will provide valuable information from Russian trade missions in other countries to those domestic navigation companies delivering products and services based on the GLONASS platform. He went on to say that the GLONASS Union shares the Ministry’s goal of expanding the geographic reach of high technology exports from Russia.

The ERA-GLONASS system is an automatic emergency call system using the Russian GLONASS satellite positioning and navigation system. Similar to the European eCall system, ERA-GLONASS has been designed so that it can be used as a platform for other related technology and telematics applications thereby providing it with commercial reach beyond the provision of automatic access to emergency services in the event of a serious collision.

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