Russia’s Government Considers Compulsory Drug Testing For New Drivers

A raft of proposals have been received by the Russian Government regarding drug testing for new drivers and drivers of commercial and passenger vehicles.

The proposals were made by the head of the “Security and Anti-Corruption” committee in the state Government, Irina Yarovaya and involves the compulsory medical examination of all novice drivers for evidence of drug usage. The test will have to be clear to enable them to succeed in their application for a driving licence.

If the law is accepted, the same rules will also apply to the drivers of heavy commercial vehicles and passenger transport vehicles in the workplace prior to starting their driving shift.

Currently, drug testing is required on certain safety critical occupations such as air traffic controllers and miners. A proposal is also being made to extend the list of these professions to include those which involve the use of firearms which include police, security guards and military personnel.

Ms Yarovaya explained that the measure to test for drugs as part of the licence applicatioin procedure was part of her ongoing campaign to prevent the exposure of the younger generation to the perils of illegal drugs. She went on to say that the consumption of illegal drugs had long since gone beyond a threat to the personal health of the abuser and was now a serious public threat due to the number of young people driving whilst under the influence of drugs.

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