Sealed connector for automotive electrical systems

Reliable connector designed for withstanding the harsh environment and space constraints of vehicle electronics.

Electronics specialist, Molex, has developed a new sealed connector system for use in powertrain and safety electronics applications in the automotive industry. The connectors and receptacles for safety applications come in distinctive yellow outer housings, while those for non-safety powertrain and body electronics applications have black outer housings.

The 4.00mm pitch, 1.20mm MXP120 Sealed Connector System offers superior mating, sealing and performance for severe applications.

According to Benoît Lehaut of Molex, the MXP120 differs from most other similar connection systems on the market due to the anti-scooping protection that it features which protects the pins from being damaged during the mating process. “The connectors offer superior mating performance by producing an audible click when mating and with an efficient protection of the connector latch,” he said.

Other benefits include a single-wire-seal (SWS) connection system with a robust perimeter seal that is IPX8 rated and withstands high-pressure spray environments (IPX9K) under certain conditions and an ability to meet power requirements up to 13.0A.

Key safety applications for MXP120 yellow connector systems include supplemental inflatable restraints (SIR), safety restraint systems (SRS), seat-belt pretensioners and steering-wheel, side and curtain airbags.

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