Service bus runs a red light and broadsides Land Cruiser

Land Cruiser escape serious injury despite being struck by a bus speeding through a red light on the streets of Almaty.

The competence of bus drivers in former Soviet countries once again came under scrutiny after an accident this weekend in the Kazakhstan city of Almaty when a city service bus ignored a red signal and collided with a Toyota Land Cruiser crossing the junction on a green light.

Such accidents are common in CIS cities where a combination of “anticipating the green” from one side and “accelerating through the amber” from the other side often results in intersection collisions. However, it is clear in this incident that the the traffic light had been on red for a full seven seconds before the bus driver chose to ignore it.

There is some speculation that the red signal wasn’t visible to the bus driver (who was on the major road) or that the signals weren’t working correctly, both of which have since been verified as incorrect.

The Land Cruiser driver’s hesitancy is evident from the start of the video indicating either previous experience or knowledge of a problem with the lights. However, the driver nonetheless eased out in front of the approaching bus.

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