Smartphone app rewards good driving with coffee

Toyota Driving Barista app trialled in Japan to reduce distracted driving amongst young people in the country.

A campaign has been running in Japan in which three major companies have teamed together to reward drivers for not using their mobile phones behind the wheel.

Japanese car manufacturer Toyota teamed up with Komeda and KDDI to deploy the “Driving Barista” smartphone app. The app records trips that the driver makes and the instances where the smartphone is being used in some way.

The pilot project was launced in the Aichi Prefecture of Japan and 37,000 drivers downloaded the app between 20th September and 6th October before making trips with a cumulative distance of 2.6 million kilometres.

Throughout that distance, the drivers using the app travelled without distraction from their mobile phones and contributed to improved safety on the Prefecture’s road network.

Apart from providing a fun way of increasing awareness levels of road safety and reducing accidents caused by distraction, the drivers were rewarded with coupons that could be redeemed in Komeda coffee shops based on the accumulated distance travelled without being distracted by smartphones.

Those who took part in the campaign have until the end of this month to redeem their coupons after which Toyota will investigate other awareness methods targetted towards reducing driver distraction.

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