Sochi takes urban safety and security system for Winter Olympics

The Russian city of Sochi prepares for the Winter Olympic games with the installation of PSIM system for urban safety and security control.

As Sochi finalises its preparations for the 2014 winter Olympic games which are taking place there during February, city officials have installed an urban public safety system based on the Nice Safe City Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) system.

With such a major event on the calendar, the Black Sea resort town gains significant publicity and revenue but also gains problems. Increased numbers of visitors to Sochi bring traffic management complexities, increased crime and a significant threat of terrorism in the wake of recent terrorist attacks in other parts of Russia.

PSIM systems act as a means of gathering and consolidating data from numerous inputs and creating intelligence from it which can be used to manage complex situations that might occur. Using Nice Safe City, Sochi officials can meet the challenge of efficiently managing city operations in an integrated and centralized manner whilst optimising law enforcement resources in the process.

Based primarily on video surveillance technology, the system manages 1400 video channels combines with audio recording and intrusion detection systems. Video analytics will be used for the automatic detection of overcrowding, the recognition of suspect packages and for detecting perimeter breaches.

Part of the deployment targets the enforcement of urban traffic regulations and will be used to manage congestion and bottlenecks in the city as well as enforcing strict parking restrictions during the games.

Commenting on the installation of the PSIM system, Sochi’s situation monitoring centre director, Sergey Cherepov hinted at the long term nature of the investment when he stated that as both the population and the economy of Sochi asre set to grow in the coming years, it is necessary have the infrastructure in place to meet the associated increase in safety and security challenges.

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