Summer 4×4 tyres released for harsh conditions

A new range of tyres has been released for 4×4 equipment operated in the harsh environments of the Nordic Countries, Russia and the CIS.

Nokian Hakka Black 4x4 vehicle tyre for northern conditions

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Safety and durability in harsh environments is the target of the northernmost manufacturer of tyres, Nokian, which has just released a new range of summer tyres for 4×4 (SUV) equipment that will be operated in Scandinavian countries, the Commonwealth of Independente States (CIS) and Russia.

The road conditions and the off-road terrain in these northern countries were taken into account in the design of the tyre to offer extremely strong sidewall structures using aramid fibre in the compound to provide durability in extreme situations. Such compounds are also used in the manufacture of tyres for aviation applications and for military vehicles.

The main product innovations for next season from Nokian Tyres are the Nokian Hakka Black SUV and the Nokian Hakka Blue SUV. The Black version is designed for large 4-wheel drive vehicles and the Blue version is released for smaller 4×4 vehicles. Both versions are available in a wide range of sizes and are designed to provide safe and comfortable travel in difficult conditions throughout the season from Spring until late Autumn. Both new versions will be available from Sping 2015.

Other tyres available from Nokian include models suitable for light trucks and pickup vehicles and all offer the specially designed structure, tread and compound that is suited to the extremely difficult driving conditions encountered in the company’s target market regions where tyre performance in extreme situations is critical to the safety of the vehicle occupants and other road users.

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