Summer tyres with acquaplaning protection

Nokian has released a new range of summer tyres rated as class A for wet grip and fuel efficiency and featuring technology for acquaplaning prevention.

Nokian e-Line summer tyreNokian has introduced the class AA eLine 2 summer tyre with label class A for wet grip and fuel efficiency as well as top performance under all weather conditions. The new Nokian iLine for small and medium-sized cars rides smoothly and safely in all summer weather whilst the Line SUV and zLine SUV summer tyres provide high safety and exceptional durability due to the Nokian Aramid sidewall technology developed for larger 4×4 vehicles. In addition, the Aramid Guarantee covers damages to the sidewall of the tyre.

With the Nokian eLine 2 premium summer tyres, the braking distance is up to 18 metres shorter on wet roads and fuel consumption is 0.6 litres lower over 100 km, corresponding to the difference between classes A and F of the EU tyre label. The driver experiences precise driving behaviour and optimal comfort from the first days of spring to late autumn. A unique innovation, the Nokian Tyres Coanda Technology prevents aquaplaning by quickly and effectively removing the water between the tyre and the road. The next generation Driving Safety Indicator (DSI) improves safety.

The Nokian eLine 2 summer tyres have been developed for European drivers who want to enjoy a safer and greener future. The growing size range includes 5 tyres with the latest design from 15 to 16 inches for medium-sized cars in speed classes H (210 km/h) and W (270 km/h).

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