Surveillance mode technology now available to more vehicle manufacturers

Ford has opened up the availability of its surveillance mode technology to enable other vehicle manufacturers to develop threat detection systems for high risk applications.

2014 Ford Interceptor police vehicle

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The patent-pending surveillance mode technology was originally developed by Ford for use on police vehicles to warn occupants of approaching danger and initiate automated protective measures such as flashing lights, locking doors and raising windows. It is currently in use on the 2014 Ford Police Interceptor used by law enforcement agencies in the USA.

Now, the company is making the technology available through InterMotive in order to expand the adoption of it and help protect more high risk vehicle occupants such as police, security personnel or military personnel globally, regardless of the manufacturer of the vehicle they use.

The system operates by making use of existing installed radar equipment and rear facing cameras. When engaged by the driver, the system becomes an extra set of ears and eyes, tuned to detect the hostile approach of people from the rear of the vehicle. When the vulnerable occupants are engaged in other tasks within the vehicle, the surveillance mode technology pre-warns them of an approach with an audible signal. Simultaneously, the doors are locked down and the windows wound up.

Ford’s police and ambulance special vehicle engineering supervisor, Randy Freiburger, explained that by licencing the technology to other vehicle manufacturers, Ford is assisting in the improvement of police security regardless of what fleet of vehicles they’re using.

The surveilance mode technology can be licensed directly from Ford’s corporate technology licensing portal or purchased from InterMotive.

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