Survey shows support for novice driver restrictions

Road safety charity Brake has performed a study into attitudes towards placing restrictions on novice drivers to make roads safer.

With young drivers being of higher risk on UK roads, especially at the time that they have just passed their tests and are able to drive unsupervised, there is a body of opinion that further restrictions should be placed on the younger age group based on Graduated Driver Licensing (GDL), a scheme adopted in various forms in some countries.

Such schemes generally place restrictions such as a curfew on hours, number of passengers and more restrictive laws with punishments that are harsher than for experienced drivers.

To gauge reaction to such schemes, road safety charity Brake has asked the public what they think of such restrictions with results showing that there is a trend towards support for such measures as restricting engine size, adopting a minimum learning period and restricting night time driving hours.

The “vox pop” style survey showed that between two-thirds and three-quarters of respondents favoured some kind of restrictions such as the display of “P” plates after passing the test, having a minimum number of tuition hours and having a zero-tolerance towards drink driving for 17-24 year old drivers.

The use of GDL is something which has seen some Government resistence in the country and a number of professional road safety organisations are lobbying for the introduction of GDL in the country in a structured and consistent way that can be delivered in a way that benefits all road users in terms of safety and mobility.

Meanwhile, the government is reviewing existing driving test procedures this year, which Brake’s Alice Bailey believes isn’t enough. “We’re pleased to hear the government has announced plans for a full review into the current driving test this year, with a view to making it more like “real life driving” but the introduction of graduated driver licencing would make young and novice drivers much safer and save lives.”

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