Sweden sees largest increase in caravans in Europe

Greater luxury and improvements in safety technology drive 13% annual growth in popularity of caravans in Sweden.

Caravans becoming safer and more popular in SwedenWith nearly 300 caravans for every 10,000 people living in Sweden, taking breaks and holidays in mobile homes is more popular in the country than in any other European state. Sweden also saw the largest growth in mobile home usage in the EU since last year at 13%, according to the country’s Caravan Industry Federation.

According to the Federation’s figures, Sweden is home to over 280 thousand caravans and 74 thousand motorhomes compared to 3.9 million and 1.5 million respectively throughout the European Union. Last year saw a growth of newly registered caravans in the country of over 3600 with nearly 4000 new motorhomes being registered in the same period, a growth of 13%.

Throughout the continent, the caravanning industry is estimated to be worth in excess of 35 billion Euros and interest in the activity has never been higher in Sweden with a forecasted growth of another 3.2% overall during 2015.

With over a million Swedes choosing a camper or caravan for their holidays each year, the market has high demands on the industry which are being met by greater levels of luxury and improved road safety. Chassis and braking technology development has improved caravan stability enormously compared to previous generations and modern equipment benefits from enhanced suspension, traction control and ABS brakes. The result is a vehicle and trailer combination that is less likely to suffer from the kind of instability that such equipment was once notorious for.

Commenting on the latest trend for the Swedish population to hitch up a caravan for their summer vacations, the Caravan Industry Federation’s chairman, Tomas Haglund told us: “The advantage of a mobile home is that it is easy to manoeuvre and they are comfortable, regardless of whether they are caravans or campers”.

“Holiday Life in a caravan or motorhome can be more luxurious than at home”, Tomas Haglund concluded.

The HRF (Caravan Industry Federation or Husvagnsbranschens Riksförbund) of Sweden represents industry manufacturers and importers of caravans and mobile homes as well as accessories and services.

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