The inevitable consequence of overtaking on verges

Dash Cam footage of bad driving ending with a collision during a dangerous overtaking manoeuvre on a soft verge.

A Russian driver of a Mitsubishi Outlander runs out of overtaking space and takes to the verge to undertake a lorry with inevitable consequences. The car was fitted with a dash cam which recorded the incident in which no-one was seriously hurt.

TrafficSafe has run a number of articles where the use of soft verges has resulted in serious accidents, the most serious of which took 5 lives in an incident involving a drunk driver using a verge as the overtaking lane (Read the story here).

Such roads involving two-way highway with wide soft verges bordered by a sharp step off the asphalt are ubiquitous throughout Russia and other Commonwealth of Independent State (CIS) countries and they present a tempting route past slow or stationary traffic.

In the case of this video, the driver overshot the “pull-in” arrows and violated a solid white line before pulling back into the correct lane and attempting to overtake the lorry on the near-side using the verge which was occupied by a stationary lorry with which the Mitsubishi collided.

The second video shows the same accident from the dash cam fitted to the white 4×4 vehicle which the Mitsubishi left too late to overtake before encountering the white line and attempting to overtake the lorry on the inside in a demonstration of reckless driving and gross violation of Russia’s traffic laws.


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