Time lapse and low light modes feature on new dash cams

Thinkware is attending the CES event with its new dash cam range which features improved security for parked vehicles and a number of ADAS features.

Dashcam equipment on show at CESKorean in-vehicle surveillance specialist, Thinkware is attending the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2016 this week with its new range of dash cams including the F770 and X550 models which feature “super night vision”, which uses image correction technology for improved visibility in the dark, and a “time lapse” feature for extended recording hours in unattended vehicles.

These additional innovations that feature on the new models are used when the vehicle is not moving, thus acting as a deterrent to theft when it is parked overnight. By using image correction, night scenes are more easily visible when the field of view isn’t illuminated by the headlights and the time lapse feature ensure that the storage isn’t used up in its normal driving mode by images in which there’s no activity.

Built-in ADAS

In addition to these new features, for this year’s CES event, Thinkware has embraced the notion of ADAS and has made the camera range more active in its advantages to the driver rather than just a passive surveillance camera. In this respect, three additional functions are now available on the Thinkware models.

The Lane Departure Warning function gives feedback to the driver when the car is drifting away from its planned trajectory and can be useful in preventing the car from leaving the road or drifting into oncoming traffic if the driver loses concentration.

The Front Vehicle Departure Warning is also designed to grab the driver’s attention when needed. In this case, when stood in a queue of traffic, the driver is informed when the vehicle in front starts moving away.

The Front Collision Warning feature on the dash cams provides an alert to the driver based on speed, distance and approach rate to objects or vehicles in the path of the car to help in avoiding collisions.

Thinkware’s CEO, Heung Bok Lee explained why his company regularly attends the CES event in Las Vegas. “We expect the status of the Thinkware Dash Cam will become hire as interest in dash cams and the growing need for them continues to accelerate in North America, Asia and European countries,” he said.

Already available in more than 1500 outlets both online and on the high street, Thinkware is expanding its presence in major markets and its products are now also available in the UK.

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