Tolling and parking to drive next growth phase in ANPR

Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) market to see a new phase of growth based on applications in parking and tolling systems.

The identification of vehicles has gone through a number of stages of technical development in recent years with the adoption of automatic systems having a profound impact on the process of enforcing traffic laws. As a result, the ANPR camera is now familiar to most road users who have become accustomed to the existence of the cameras.

ANPR (or License Plate Recognition – LPR – in some markets) for law enforcement is not only advantageous in terms of a deterrent against moving traffic violations such as speeding or red light infringements, but also provides a distinct advantage for general crime fighting. With vehicles used extensively in crime, the automatic identification of vehicles from strategically placed cameras around urban areas can help to trace the movement of cars and solve associated crimes.

Having already become well-established in the law enforcement segment, growth in this area during the coming years will mainly be associated with emerging markets and the extended use in existing cities to support improved mobility projects such as bus-lanes. The main area of growth in the ANPR market is in non-enforcement applications, particularly tolling and parking systems.

As an alternative to RFID as an identification technology, ANPR has wide applicability for the collection of tolls since toll plazas channel traffic by lane, fixing the position of vehicles in relation to cameras making the capture of number plate information easy and accurate using even the least sophisticated ANPR software. High levels of activity in the development of tolling, particularly in China, is leading to a fast increase in the demand of ANPR systems.

Parking is also seen as a market driver. Private car park managers are increasingly turning to Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems to ease the logistics, charging and management of car park entrances and barrier controlled exits.

The latest report on the ANPR market from Research and Markets examines each of these applications for the technology and the regions where the market is most active, showing that the USA has the highest growth rate with 19% CAGR driven by the increased focus the country now has on intelligent policing and advanced crime detection.

The report can be purchased directly from Research and Markets: Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) market report to 2018

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