Touch screen in-vehicle tablet computer for fleets

A touch screen interface has been added to a tablet computer designed for use in heavy goods vehicle fleets for improved productivity and reduced distraction.

The TX-Sky touch screen vehicle computer from Belgian company Transics has been designed specifically for use in fleet vehicles to overcome the problems of maintaining a connected workforce using portable, easily installed equipment that provides ease of use and extensible connectivity options.

Designed with a surf-plate style touch screen interface, the function navigation on the computer is accomplished with ease using finger controls on the screen by touching, sliding, pinching or expanding in a similar fashion to other popular touch screen mobile computer interfaces. In the case of the TX-Sky tablet, the touch screen is a more robust version that can withstand the rigours of being used in a professional working environment.

Installation kits are also available which make the device easy to install in an HGV cab so that it doesn’t interfere with the mobility of the driver or the operation of passive safety systems. Transics have made the interface as user-friendly and intuitive as possible to keep learning-curves short and to minimise parked times for working vehicles.

The system can be linked into the vehicle’s CAN bus to monitor vehicle parameters and take feeds from digital tachograph data for simple driver feedback and management reports. It can also be integrated with the TX-Connect administrative platform to further improve connectivity.

TrafficSafe spoke to Transics about the functional conflict between improved productivity and the potential for driving whilst distracted. We asked Transics what features the TX-Sky has for preventing distracted driving amongst its users.

Transics spokesman Tinne Baele explained that certain features that have the potential for distraction such as visual and audio notifications of messages received and planned event times can be disabled so they don’t function when the vehicle is being driven. The built-in navigation system also provides instructions audibly so the driver has no need to look at the screen. The instruction set on the TX-Sky is configurable and can be set up to conform to fleet distracted driving policies to prevent the reading or sending of messages or operations planning whilst the vehicle is in motion.

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