Traffic enforcement and video management collaboration

Videalert has entered a technology partnership with Wavestore to combine traffic enforcement with video management.

Control room view of traffic management camera images

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The aim of a new technology partnership which Videalert has entered into with Wavestore is to provide local police forces with more powerful tools for analysing traffic violations and reducing crime.

Videalert specialises in surveillance based enforcement systems which combine Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) with video analytics. By capturing the whole environment and tracking moving objects, the system is able to provide context and more easily identify violations of traffic regulations in bus lanes, box junctions and where turns are banned, for example.

Operating with analogue cameras or with the latest generation of ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) compliant IP megapixel cameras, both Videalert’s analytics and Wavestore’s Video Management System can operate across a wide range of surveillance network configurations that are typical in traffic enforcement environments.

By using the combined technology, police forces have an opportunity to collaborate and share video surveillance infrastructure and achieve faster returns on investment.

According to Time Daniels of Videalert, the two companies share a strategy for enabling the running of multiple CCTV applications using a single platform to preserve budgets. He went on to say that such an integrated approach provides improvements to road safety and mobility as well as assisting in the reduction of crime in UK cities.

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