TrafficSafe discusses Intelligent Transport Systems in Kazakhstan

New road linking western China to western Europe presents Intelligent Transport System (ITS) challenges to Kazakhstan.

In an interview for Kazakhstan’s national satellite television channel, TrafficSafe’s Jonathan Newell discusses the role played by Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS) in the development of a major transport corridor being built through Kazakhstan which links western China with Western Europe.

During a recent trip to Kazakhstan to discuss proposals for the country to improve safety on its 128,000km (79,500 miles) road network, Jonathan appeared on Kazakh-Tv’s “Central Asian Report” to explain the role played by ITS in improving road safety. The country is embarking on an ambitious project to revitalise its pivotal role as a logistics hub which it held during the times of the Great Silk Way. Just as it did then, Kazakhstan has an ideal geographical position as a transport corridor between the vast manufacturing and raw materials wealth of China and the consumer markets of Western Europe.

To fulfil this, an arterial route is currently being built across the entire length of the country which will incorporate the latest technology in terms of enforcement, traffic management and ITS.

Using the success of Italy in reducing road deaths through the implementation of ITS, Jonathan explains the role that the technology can play in improving road safety when combined with good enforcement policies and technology. One specific aspect of Kazakhstan is the scale of the country with vast stretches of isolated roadway on which conditions can change and situations can arise unexpectedly. In such conditions, intelligent infrastruction, road-side sensors and robust communications technology become vital for the route’s long term success.

Being part of the customs union of the Russian Federation, Belarus and Kazakhstan, the country has access to the ERA-GLONASS system for automatic emergency calls which is due to be fully implemented by 2017. The GLONASS system also has the capability of being used as a standard platform on which other technology for in-vehicle automatic communications, V2x and fleet management can also be built. This concept is being promoted by the GLONASS Union in Russia and so Kazakhstan has the opportunity of taking advantage of the benefits.

The way in which Kazakhstan specifies and deploys such systems has yet to be fully documented and a draft law is currently being scrutinized in the country’s government. One key role of TrafficSafe is the promotion of basic concepts of road safety in CIS countries including Kazakhstan where there are a number of opportunities for improving driver behaviour, enforcement, investigations and commercial vehicle compliance to regulations.

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