Trailer telematics reduce tyre-related failures

Michelin is offering fleets a trailer telematics and support package with guaranteed reductions in tyre breakdowns on articulated vehicle trailers.

Trailer telematics for tyre management from MichelinWith German breakdown organisation, ADAC citing tyre related problems being the cause of nearly a third of all HGV breakdowns in Europe with 70% of those being on the trailer and each breakdown having an approximate cost burden of £1000 to the operator, significant cost savings can be achieved using breakdown prevention methods involving condition monitoring and telematics.

This is the reason that Michelin Solutions is now offering fleet operators its new EFFITRAILER package for fleet trailer optimisation, which Michelin says will reduce operating expenses and improve efficiency.

The system consists of a Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS), the output of which is linked to data from the electronic data system (EBS) for analysis and transmission through telematics equipment that includes constant geolocation data.

Fleet managers can access the transmitted data on a dedicated web portal which provides a large amount of information including such details as trailer location, mileage, abnormal downtime, weight status, whether the trailer is uncoupled or on-tow and information on the temperature and pressure of each tyre on every axle. Other fleet management tools are also available for planning, scheduling and improving efficiency.

Customisable alerts

As part of the EFFITRAILER web portal, fleet managers can set alerts so they can be informed of abnormal conditions or flags based on the TPMS information. Unplanned maintenance tasks can be performed based on these alerts or maintenance schedules can be formed based on data trend analysis.

Mounted directly onto the trailer chassis, the telematics unit is able to be installed on any trailer, whatever its age, so long as it is equipped with EBS. Recommended minimum fleet size is 100 trailers.

Michelin guarantee

One unique aspect of EFFITRAILER is that contract holders will be guaranteed a reduction in tyre-related trailer breakdowns by up to 50%. Michelin sets this guarantee regardless of any existing tyre policy held by the fleet. After validating the diagnosis, if Michelin fails to achieve its goal, it will refund breakdown costs which exceed the contractual commitment.

Michelin prepares monthly and quarterly reports which provide fleet managers with key figures and a summary of actions taken and results achieved as well as trends in key parameters to help with trailer utilisation.

These reports are available for each trailer and a Michelin analyst works with the fleet manager to improve trailer profitability and share action plans.

Commenting on the launch of EFFITRAILER in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, Michelin’s Paul Davey described the product as offering previously unseen degrees of control over the daily operations of important transport assets.

“With large trailer fleets, just knowing where every asset is can be challenging but thanks to the new telematics package, fleet managers can rest assured that the location of every optimised trailer is available at the touch of a button – and that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the added value the programme’s data offers,” he said.

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