Transportation security market continues to grow

Report highlights the growth in transportation security during the next four years across all transport modes as more integration takes place.

Integration is key to the growth in technology requirements to provide safe and secure transport of goods and passengers. At key transport hubs, the changes between sea, rail, air and road transport presents particular challenges to the transport security industry.

Similarly, the challenges of preventing the illegal transport of passengers in goods vehicles as part of human trafficking chains and the transport of undeclared dangerous goods are increasing as the ability to perform 100% audits on the volume of goods traffic through ports gets further and further away from any sense of reality.

The ability to swiftly assess risk, to pre-analyse transit systems for determining audit levels and the ability to select the right technology to inspect vehicles on the transit routes are all key to successfully implementing a policy on ensuring the safety and security of passenger and goods transport systems.

Covering Air, Sea, Road and Rail both separately and as integrated systems, the “Global Transportation Security Market” report examines security technologies including access control, surveillance, scanning systems and X-Ray screening as well as cargo inspection systems and alarms.

It mentions such high profile companies as screening system suppliers Rapiscan Systems and Smiths Detection, biometrics and access control specialists Safran and HID Global and Physical Security and Information Management (PSIM) supplier Nice Systems.

The market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10.74% to 2018.

The report can be purchased directly from Research and Markets here: “Global Transportation Safety and Transportation Security Market 2014-2018

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