Tyre groove design minimises aquaplaning

Innovative design features on the Nokian iLine range of tyres provides improved grip on flooded roads and lower rolling resistance with reduced noise.

Venturi Grooves prevent aquaplaningTyre manufacturer Nokian has released the iLine series of summer tyres for small and medium sized cars, offering good fuel efficiency, stability and reliability even under extreme driving conditions. Venturi Grooves effectively prevent aquaplaning and the pine oil added to the rubber compound maximises tyre durability.

Aimed predominantly at the Central European summer drivers, the tyres are well suited to those who want to stay safe on rain-soaked asphalt and sun-scorched gravel roads alike and will be available to drivers during the spring of 2016.

Central Europe is the most important market for the new tyres of the Nokian Line summer tyre family that took first places in comparison tests by ADAC and Auto Bild, for example.

Venturi Grooves

The Nokian iLine has a stable driving feel and has very high resistance to aquaplaning. The Venturi Grooves on the inner and outer shoulder further improve aquaplaning prevention. The contoured grooves located between the tread blocks on the shoulder area accelerate the flow of discharged water.

The carefully designed asymmetrical inside-outside tread pattern also improves the aquaplaning properties of the Nokian iLine. The polished main grooves facilitate the removal of water. The optimised, open design at the mouth of the main grooves increases groove volume, thereby preventing further aquaplaning.

Innovative features

The iLine has low rolling resistance and good wear resistance thanks to several technological innovations. The hemispherical, golf ball-like indentations on the walls of the longitudinal ribs cool the tyre down and the Silent Groove Design reduces air resistance and increases the range of the vehicle through lower fuel consumption.

The design of the sides of the longitudinal ribs also controls the interior and exterior rolling noise. The indentations guide the airflow, removing the noise waves caused by the edges of the transversal grooves and thereby preventing that unpleasant, howling sound.

The new Nokian iLine Silica tread compound is a skilful combination of safety and eco-friendliness. Pine oil has been added to the full silica compound that guarantees commendable wet grip under all conditions. Pine oil effectively reduces the temperature of the rubber compound by reducing the friction caused by inter-molecular movement. The Nokian iLine lasts longer and rolls lightly, consumes less fuel and minimises harmful emissions.

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