UK Traffic Police Release Drink Driving Enforcement Campaign Results

More to be done to prevent drink driving in the UK after small reduction registered during summer enforcement campaign.

Traffic police in the UK performed 83,224 UK drivers breath tested in the UK during the summer enforcement campaign which took place in June, nearly 5000 or 5.8% either tested positive or failed to provide a breath test, representing a small decrease from the 6% registered in 2011.

This is not enough according to the UK’s Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO) who are particularly concerned by the continued high level of drink driving in the under-25 age group. This age group makes up a little over 13% of the UK driving population and 6.7% of this group was found to be driving under the influence of alcohol compared to 5.5% of those over 25. Future campaigning will target the younger age group.

Police are also stepping up to the challege of tackling driving whilst under the influence of drugs and are using field impairment kits to test drivers for drug driving. The police are trained in the detection of signs which indicate drug impairment and of those who fell under suspicion during the campaign, more than a fifth were subsequently arrested for driving whilst impaired by drugs.

Britain’s road safety minister commented that the introduction of new drug driving related legislation will make it easier for the police to provide an effective enforcement service.

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