Uniform LED Tail Light Lens Creates New Lighting Design Possibilities

LED rear lights gain a new step in their evolution with a uniform lighting lens from 3M creating new design opportunities.

ThUniform Lighting Lens from 3Me ULL (Uniform Lighting Lens) technology was introduced just this week at the 2012 Transportation Summit in the USA where it was received well in the industry as a design that takes LED lighting a stage further in being able to provide high illumination capabilities at low energy consumption with light weight and low profiles.

The polycarbonate lens profile is micro-patterned to enable even illumination to be provided across the whole surface area of the lens. The technology used to achieve this uniform lighting pattern provides designers with the opportunity to create thinner profiles for rear tail light designs and the polycarbonate lens substrate can be formed into custom profiles.

The first commercial application of the ULL technology is as a tail light on the latest Buick Enclave, a 4×4 vehicle popular in the USA.

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