US Bus Manufacturer To Use CCTV For Recording Stop Arm Violations

High definition surveillance cameras will be used on Blue Bird school buses to record US stop arm regulation violators.

In the USA, if a school bus stops for children to embark or disembark, a stop arm is deployed from the side of the bus and traffic in both directions of the carriageway must stop while the arm is deployed.

Violations of this law are quite commonplace in the country and to improve enforcement, buses are increasingly being fitted with surveillance cameras to record violators and prosecute them.

Stop Arm Camera For US School Buses

Safety Vision Stop Arm Camera

The manufacturer of the high definition purpose built stop arm camera is Safety Vision, who has recently signed an agreement with school bus manufacturer, Blue Bird, to supply and fit the cameras as an option on both new buses and existing fleets through its distribution network.

The Stop Arm camera system from Safety Vision is a purpose built unit consisting of a high definition dome camera in a robust, weather-proof housing and with an on-board 32Gb solid state recording facility. With no requirement for external DVR equipment or networking, the camera is a completely stand-alone unit. At the end of each journey, recorded violations can be downloaded from the solid state memory and acted upon.

The 3 megapixel camera is configured to automatically record when the stop arm is deployed so it requires no intervention from the bus driver.

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