Video management system supports body-worn cameras

Latest device pack on Milestone XProtect includes support for body worn cameras for use by personnel in public safety, security and emergency services.

Police use of body worn camerasMilestone Systems has released Device Pack 8.5 for its XProtect video management system (VMS), which now supports the use of body-worn cameras for use in a wide variety of applications including public safety, training and emergency services.

The open systems video management company supports over 5000 devices and takes feedback from customers and partners to add more devices as required in order to ensure that its VMS is a truly open platform that can be used across a wide range of device types.

Body-worn cameras

Cameras which can be worn by security, police and other service personnel are gaining more widespread usage as their range of applications continues to grow. As a means of gathering video evidence in difficult situations involving the close involvement of personnel, such devices have proven themselves to be of significant value, but that isn’t their only application.

They are also gaining more widespread use in command and control applications, point-of-view recording and as a means of monitoring operational activities and providing training. One such application is found in the emergency services for using recorded material from operational deployments of personnel for training others.

With an ONVIF-based integration, the Zepcam body-worn camera is now supported in Device Pack 8.5, making it possible for the camera to be used for viewing and recording real-time live streams within the Milestone XProtect software.

ONVIF Security

ONVIF (Open Network Video Interface Forum) is the standard being used across the IP surveillance industry for providing integration between devices, software and systems supplied from different manufacturers operating on the same network. As a supporter of open standards, Milestone provides support for ONVIF and has enabled additional features to be possible.

This latest device pack provides extended security options which have been added to the Milestone ONVIF driver. Now video and data can be encrypted using Transport Layer Security in Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). This is known as HTTPS and is the same security function used to keep credit card transactions safe on the internet.

The use of HTTPS is on top of the extensive security features in XProtect 2016 and adds an extra level of security when safety video is transmitted through public and semi-public internet based networks. This enables Milestone partners to design solutions that meet the highest demands for IT security within video applications.

Commenting on the inclusion of ONVIF security and the support of body-worn cameras, Milestone’s Head of the Camera Partner Programme, Henrik Sydbo Hansen said, “This swift implementation of body worn cameras and ONVIF security is clear proof of our ongoing commitment to the wide-ranging and most complete device support in the market”.

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