Voice navigaton now available in 47 languages

TomTom has added four more languages to its voice maps enabling applications to be developed for navigation systems in more native languages.

Bulgarian, Colombian Spanish, Hebrew and Northern African Arabic languages have been added to TomTom’s portfolio of native speech voice navigation maps bringing the total available to 47.

By adding these latest languages, TomTom is enabling suppliers of voice navigation systems to tailor their products to local markets using high quality natural voice navigation assistance, an important aspect in keeping the driver’s attention on the road rather then interpreting mapping data or having to use a default language.

The voice maps can be used for providing turn-by-turn directions on personal navigation devices, mobile apps, dashboard mounted or in-dash systems and can be combined with text-to-speech and speech recognition technology.

The wide range of languages supported by TomTom result from the use of five phonetic systems which ensures compatibility with suppliers of speech technology systems. All of the phonetic transcriptions developed by TomTom for voice navigation are checked and validated by a team of linguists to ensure the correct reproduction of language sounds.

As well as the UK, US, Australian, Indian and South African variants of English, TomTom has produced voice maps for mainstream as well as lesser-known foreign languages.

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