Walk to School initiative promotes a healthy start

Reduced congestion, pollution and healther children are cited as being the main reasons for parents to walk their young children to school.

UK road safety charity, Brake is backing the Walk to School initiative to encourage parents to use their cars less, since the average school run for primary school aged children is a mile and a half and yet half of them are driven to school, according to a survey.

With walking distances having reduced significantly in the last twenty years and both air pollution and congestion having increased in the same period, Brake is supporting the initiative that it hopes will demonstrate the ease and health benefits of walking.

Commenting on what seems to be a move towards walking being the second option over the use of the car, Alice Bailey of Brake said, “We need walking to school to become the norm again and events such as Walk to School Week and next month’s Brake’s Giant Walk can hopefully showcase the benefits of an active start to the day rather than jumping in the car.”

Adding to Alice Bailey’s comments, Joe Irvin of event organiser “Living Streets” said, “We must prioritise ways of encouraging physical activity if we want today’s children to become healthy adults and the walk to school is a free, easy and accessible way for parents and their children to achieve this.”


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