Washington DC deploys advanced traffic management

An integrated signal control and traffic management system for managing congestion, events and incidents in Washington DC is being implemented by TransCore.

TransCore will develop advanced software for the more effective management of congestion, incidents on the road and special events for the Washington DC District Department of Transportation (DoT) to support the district’s long term transport planning initiative.

The TransSuite advanced traffic management system from TransCore will be integrated with Washington’s existing signal control system and other systems to form what will be known as the Capital Traffic Operation Platform (CapTOP) ATMS.

Commenting on the integration of its traffic management systems in the US capital, TransCore’s SVP of ITS, Michael Mauritz said, “Washington, DC has the challenge of managing both local traffic and highly visible special events, which can change traffic flow in an instant and for long periods of time. That’s why real-time information sharing is so critical.”

The aim of the 2-year project is to enhance Washington’s real-time exchange of information, roadway traffic condition monitoring, incident detection and response capabilities. TransCore successfully deployed the initial phase in November 2015, which consisted of critical modules for event management, CCTV monitoring, variable message sign operations, and traveller information system. The remaining project elements will be completed in several phases over the next 10 months.

The CapTOP ATMS is a comprehensive system which integrates new technology to improve traffic safety and enhance mobility. Specifically, the real-time traffic data from cameras, speed sensors, probe vehicle systems and external data sources flows into the DDOT’s traffic management centre via CapTOP ATMS where it is processed, analysed and responded to appropriately for traffic management purposes.

Developed as a set of scalable, integrated traffic management software modules, the final CapTOP ATMS enables traffic management personnel to monitor and manage an array of diverse challenges from complex emergency responses to roadway weather conditions. Real-time traffic data is presented in high-resolution dynamic graphical displays that can be overlaid on maps, aerial photos or computer-simulated drawings.

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