Winter tyre optimised for European conditions

Structural and compound improvements on the latest winter tyre range from Hankook provides optimised grip and improved winter handling and performance.

Hankook Winter iCept evo2 tyre treadA new winter tyre has been developed by German tyre manufacturer, Hankook, to meet the demands of small to medium sized cars, offering them the kind of handling characteristics and stability required for winter conditions with snow, rain and slush on the roads whilst also being suitable for dry conditions.

Optimised for the predominant winter conditions of western and central Europe, the new I*cept RS2 tyre features a directional V-shaped tread design with 28% more pitches as well as increased groove and block edge length. The tread design bites into snow covered surfaces and provides enhanced traction, whilst corrugated 3D sipes increase braking performance as well as traction on icy surfaces.

The new sipe design minimises movement of the tread block and reduces abrasion whilst special ice slits and grip claw 3D edges improve performance in snow and whilst cornering.

Compound changes

The i*cept RS2 winter tyre comes equipped with a special nano-sized, high dispersible silica compound, resistant to hardening in low temperatures and a new solution-styrene butadiene rubber. The new compound ensures the tread stays elastic even at very low temperatures, thus providing excellent traction and braking power by increasing the tyre’s contact area on wintery and wet roads.

Tyre Structure

The tyre’s increased void volume, achieved through the application of two longitudinal wide grooves to the tread, improves snow grip and hydroplaning performance by further optimising the contact area. For better lateral grip and to prevent hydroplaning, special aqua slush grooves have been applied to the tyre’s tread for efficient water and slush displacement.

Through a more uniform distribution of the tyre footshape the contact patch area of the Winter i*cept RS2 is enlarged by as much as 5% compared to conventional products and results in improved braking performance on wet and dry roads.  The tyre’s reinforced sidewall and bead section make for a direct steering response as well as improved cornering grip and dry handling performance.

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